Proven Staffing Solutions for Hospitality Industry!

Delivering a valuable team involves two most important steps; first, hiring the right talent, and second, managing the talent. Crox Consulting works on achieving both steps. Through our selective recruiting solutions, we ensure you get motivated and high-performance talents from the hospitality industry.

The industry is all about skills and hence we recruit new talent conducting the required skills to function day-to-day conduct with warmth. We enable you to hire attentive personnel who are experts in guest relations and thus perform accordingly. Be it for resort, hotel, or casino, we serve your purpose by keeping in the mind the property you want to hire for. Our professional recruiters are backed by years of experience in the hospitality industry and hence, they make a worthwhile decision by picking up the right talent.

Communicating with guests is the key skill for candidates from the hospitality industry and we make sure to hire the right talent in place.

At Crox Consulting, we help you hire housekeeping staff, relationship manager, guest relation executives and room attendants that are well-suited to meet the client’s expectations. As hospitality venues witness the increasing demand from guests, it indicates to shortage of laborers. But with us, we make it happen for the businesses striving hard to leverage the booming consumer demand. From kitchen staff to waiters and from front desk managers to public relations managers, our recruiters can help you hire for every role in the hospitality industry.

In the process of recovering the economy, the hotels, restaurants, and resorts may come up with a tight budget but we have a huge database of candidates that can be outsourced. In our endeavor to bring new solutions for the industry, we let you engage in healthy business operations without worrying about the on-time hiring.

We believe that there are strong opportunities and the right partnership can make it profitable for both parties. Hence, we dedicate all our efforts towards enabling you to hire the best hospitality professionals to contribute to your business growth. The team at Crox Consulting works closely with recruiting professionals to provide you a comprehensive set of hospitality solutions. This approach helps properties address their hiring needs most effectively. During the critical time of labor shortage, we bring you highly skilled candidates from the hospitality industry. We just don’t provide candidates rather we believe in establishing strong relationships with our clients. Hence, we make sure that our services can be customized according to your unique business needs.

To prepare your business for future outbreaks, we enable you to facilitate the contract hire, which is based on your specialized demands. Be it temporary hiring, or permanent placement, we make sure that you get the right candidate according to your specific business requirements. Therefore, we follow proper recruiting protocol to ensure effective candidate hiring.

Skills we have recruited and counting

We have been successful in placing many consultants in Hospitality Services industry for our clients. Below are few of many examples.