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Many companies today rely on Staffing companies today to meet their requirements and find the best talent for their requirements. Crox Consulting Inc is a well-known name in the domain of IT staffing services, we provide staffing services throughout the IT/Non IT domain. Our IT staffing services helps you locating the best talent for your requirements. Our first priority is to understand the needs of our clients, and provide them with best talent for the requirements. Our objective is to send you candidates who are the best fit for your requirements, and every candidate we send across meets your expectation. We are very focused in our approach and our first task is to understand what your needs are and deliver you the best cost effective results within the given time.

Our Staffing process is defined and we take care of all the details so that we can maximize your business and reduce your cost burden. Every candidate we present goes through a step by step process and we make sure that your valuable time is not wasted. The steps we follow are:

Sourcing or Searching

Once we understand your needs we use all the tools to find the best match for you based on the specifications. We have maintained a huge list of candidates and our recruiters have good contacts. We use all the sources available in today’s market to find the best match for your requirement and try to source the best fit.


Once we identify the best fit for your requirements, we take them through our screening process which is defined to the best recruiting practices. Every sourced candidate has to go through the screening process and they are evaluated on all the factors till we are sure that they would be the best fit for your needs.


This is the step where your action comes into place and we assure you that if we have brought the candidate to you they would be the best fit for the role. We assure you that we respect your time would never like to waste it.

Market Research

Our first step to understand your needs and find the best talent for you. When doing so we who are the best fit and where to find them. We know the needs of the people and we know how to serve your requirements.

Why Us

We are known to offer one of the best staffing services. We work on all types of positions and cater to all your requirements may it be a short term/long term contract or a contract to hire opportunity or a direct placement. We cover all types of requirements just let us know your need whether you are looking to hire a contractor or a fulltime employee or you want to hire someone after evaluating them on a short term contract, just let us know and we will take acre of your need. We are committed to give you the best Staffing services and our dedicated professionals are ready to serve you and give you the best cost effective results.

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