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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

What do you actual mean by offshore RPO? This is a process of recruitment that is outsourced for other client dwelling different corner of the world. Crox Consulting Inc is known to be in this dynasty of recruitment long time ago. We are acknowledged as a great helping hand for our clients who are involved in the staffing business. We have our clients from different corner of the world and specifically from United States of America. Our headquarter is located at Lincolnwood, IL from where we regulated all the functionalities and services.

We are known as the best provider of virtual offshore recruitment service that has been customized as per your demand and requirements. All of our professional are highly dedication and is boasted with go and getter attitude to render you satisfaction with the service. This team of professionals is even trained to provide a quick service and meet all of your requirements in qualitative manner. As a professional regime, command the best service within the domain of recruitment outsourcing. And all this is possible due to the better assistance of our team that comprises of:


Dedicated Recruiters

Recruiter is considered as an important pillar in the chain of recruitment process. The process of recruitment somewhere entirely depends on recruiter and recruiter success depends on their technical aspects, accuracy, and speed to discover the best candidate for a company.

Dedicated BDM Team

This is another essential department that is involved in the recruitment process. This department is known to understand the requirement of marketing in depth. Howsoever, this is considered to be one of the expensive resources that deal with business arrangement to render huge hike to the company’s revenue.

Dedicated Sourcers

We are known to provide our customer with quality service that is satisfy you. This specialist refers to the technology sourcing specialist resumes that is known to cover essential information. The resume is considered as the best source to judge out whether the candidate is suitable for the position or not.

Key Role of Crox Consulting Inc for Your Business:

1. With Crox Consulting Inc you are going to experience something thing new in expansion of your business.

2. In negligible investment you are going to enjoy great expansion and ROI too.

3. Success with no difficulties or hassle.

4. Time has come to expand you expertise manpower.

5. Grab the opportunity to work on offshore projects within your centre of art living in your comfort zone.

6. We are going to coin your access to RPO database of aspirants.

7. But of the teams are going to excel with their talents.

8. There will not be any sort monitoring or administrative hassles in relation to offshore team.

9. We will be providing regular in house training to the offshore team to regularly update the advance technology.

10. Crox Consulting Inc renders you wonderful suggestion sand information related to recruitment queries.

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